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Community Projects


  • Give back to the community through philanthropic and/or service projects.
  • Provide visibility in the community for the Fox Valley Garden Club.


  • Fox Valley Garden Club treasury primarily with proceeds from each Gardeners’ Sale.
  • Funding is for the following year's project.

Criteria for Projects

  • Be submitted by a Fox Valley Garden Club member
  • Be horticultural or ecological in nature
  • Reach and serve as many people as possible
  • Be all inclusive and not include funding to sustain or maintain project
  • Recipient agrees to maintain project upon completion
  • Fox Valley Garden Club will be acknowledged with signage provided by the Club when deemed appropriate
  • Projects not funded may be resubmitted a maximum of three times


  • July-September 30: Members submit projects for consideration
  • January-March: Project nominees presented to membership for discussion and voting
  • April/May: Projects announced. Display at Gardeners' Sale.

2013 Projects

  • Provena Mercy Hospital–Healing Garden: Provided additional garden enhancements with members planting shrubs, goundcover, and perennials
  • Quad County Urban League: Provided additional perennials around the sign and planted grasses and shrubs along the front and side of the building to improve the landscaping.

2012 Projects

  • Aurora Historical Society: Provided shrubs, perennials, and mulch to enhance the landscaping with additional color, texture, and interest across the seasons.
  • Quad County Urban League: Provided shrubs, perennials, and annuals around the sign and at the entrance to improve the landscaping.
  • Triple Threat Mentoring: Provided various tools and gardening needs to be used by students and volunteers in their urban garden project.

2011 Projects

  • Fox Valley Special Recreation Association: Provided various garden tools and related equipment, as well as seeds and plants for a vegetable garden to educate the students with disabilities about plants, healthy diets, and basic gardening techniques.
  • Provena Mercy Hospital–Healing Garden: Provided additional garden enhancements with members planting shrubs, groundcover, ornamental grasses, and perennials.

2010 Projects

  • West Aurora High School: Nameplates for tree identification. Dedicated on Arbor Day, April 30, 2010.
  • Greenman School: Three yards of garden soil was delivered to the school for the butterfly garden.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Enhanced landscaping for two homes. Habitat for Humanity staff assisted to prepare the planting areas with Garden Club members. Shrubs, ornamental grasses, ground cover, and perennials were added at the homes.
  • Provena Mercy Hospital–Healing Garden: Members provided and purchased shrubs, groundcover, ornamental grasses, and perennials to enhance the garden.

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